More Battlefield V details are revealed on Twitter by the developers

It hasn’t been that long since the reveal stream of Battlefield V took place and more details are already being revealed. This time, DICE and EA has revealed a couple of interesting facts aobut the game on the official Battlefield V page and they look pretty interesting.

First of all, there will be no premium pass or loot boxes in the game. There will be only the cosmetic options but the in-game reliability will be the same for every single player:

Second one is more about the gameplay itself. A grenade or a dynamite is a ‘must’ for an action FPS game. In this one however, you will get less of them but you will have more choices. You can shoot them in the air or just toss them back at your enemies. The choice will be yours:

Additionally, you will be able to make huge holes on the walls if you have a powerful weapon with you. This will make the game more and more unpredictable and of course, this will improve the excitement:

One of the most interesting part about this new game is probably the new movements system which will let players to sprint while crouching or shoot when you’re crawling on your back:

All in all, it is possible to see that DICE and EA plan something different for the new Battlefield installment. Of course, we cannot be sure until we can actually test it. But wait for a bigger announcement during E3.

Stay tuned for more!

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