Creepy Road Review

Creepy Road is a classic 2D Run&Gun game developed by Groovy Milk and published by Groovy Milk and GrabTheGames. The game is now available on Steam and thus, I am lucky enough to lay my hands and eyes on this title, and share my first impressions with you.

Creepy Road is one of these games which offers fast paced combat where dozens of enemies rush towards you. These games are usually stressful and full of action. Creepy Road also delivers that when it comes to gameplay, yet it is not easy to get stressed while these enemies are mad-eyed rabbits, cows with machine guns, old men equipped with molotov cocktails and pandas falling from the sky.

I think I made it clear that Creepy Road is a hilarious game when it comes to your enemies. Of course, it is a nightmare and indeed a creepy road for our protagonist, the truck driver. His truck is now a wreck thanks to a circus bear and he have to walk from now on. On his journey, he will encounter with crazy looking enemies which are also brilliant works of art.

Creepy Road tells the story of truck driver Flint and we are to accompany him on his journey to Angelina. Angelina is not an easy girl since the road is filled with hordes of weird creatures. Well, I can easily say that the game will not go easy on you. You will start with a simple pistol and in the blink of an eye, you will find yourselves holding a flame thrower and killing dozens of enemies, throwing grenades to the left and right like a crazy person, trying to jump over acid pools, escape from clowns and big fat pandas.

It is fast paced alright, and you will find more and more advanced and deadly weapons on the way. But with big weapons, come big hordes. So, you stand your ground and let hell loose. Enemies to the right, enemies to the left, even enemies to the air. Controls are easy enough to switch weapons during the combat and throw grenades, but it is not easy to keep yourselves alive. Dying is easy, but checkpoints are many. I am writing a poem here and now I ruined it. Anyway, the only thing which will keep Flint alive is a hamburger. Hamburgers will fill your health bar and keep you alive.

When it comes to the visuals, I must say that I adore it. Creepy Road would be a real freak show with realistic visuals and I am glad that it is not. The game provides a funny horror atmosphere and I don’t even know if it is a thing. After beating each level and the stats screen, you will be welcomed with a totally different environmental art. Every level has various enemies and each of them unique to themselves. Creepy Road is a stylish game at its finest, I can say.

Each level is different and has different dynamics when it comes to the interactive objects. You can use the environment on your behalf if you are careful enough. The other charming part is that Creepy Road offers tons of weapons which work perfectly fine and reflect the feeling.

When it comes to the soundtrack, I feel like I have to have them all. The game features 15 original music tracks which are always in a harmony with the fast-paced gameplay.

But, I find it hard to kill enemies when you are standing on a different level. If you are standing on a higher or lower ground from your enemies, you need to wait for them to come close to you to kill them. You can aim left, right and up, and that is pretty much it.

The other thing is that the game gets past-paced real fast. There is no time to adapt the game. It is like “Here are two of our well designed enemies and here are thirty of them.” I would like that if there is a smooth elevation, but Creepy Road will not give you that.

Overall, I can easily say that I enjoyed Creepy Road at full, yet I can’t help but think that it could be a little bit better. Not much, just a little bit. If you want to face some of the most well-designed horrifically funny enemies of all times, you can go ahead and take a look at the game’s Steam page by visiting here. You can even take advantage of the 10% discount!

Creepy Road was reviewed using a Steam key provided by the publisher.

Creepy Road Review


I can easily say that I enjoyed Creepy Road at full, yet I can't help but think that it could be a little bit better. Not much, just a little bit.

  • Dashing artwork & environmental design
  • Horrifically funny
  • Soundtracks!
  • Fast-paced combat with a large weapon range
  • Control mechanism
  • Hard even on easy difficulty

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