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Next Day: Survival is now available for PC

Next Day: Survival is a multiplayer survival title developed by SOFF Games and published by Last Level. The game has finally left Steam Early Access and is now available as a full game.

Next Day: Survival features RPG elements and set in an imaginary country in Eastern Europe where a large part of the territory is contaminated with toxic fog. Here are the key features of the game:

  • Several additional game modes: Single, PvE, Last Survivor
  • Big, open world
  • Interaction and shootouts with NPCs
  • System of factions and character reputation
  • Skill system
  • Variety of transport
  • Story and quests related to the factions
  • Large selection of blade weapons and firearms
  • Crafting, interaction with the environment, and obtaining needed resources
  • Extensive system for managing a character’s health


The game is now available on Steam with 15% discount. Stay tuned!

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