Twitch/Amazon Prime members can claim their May free games

If you are a Twitch Prime subscriber, you must be having some quality time recently, since you got a chance to collect some free games. This time, you can go ahead and have six free games.

Also, Amazon/Twitch members get to have free games each month. During May, you can get Gone Home, Psychonauts, High Hell, I, Hope, Clustertruck and Titan Souls. These games will be available until May 31, so go ahead and grab them before it is too late.

  • Gone Home
  • Psychonauts
  • High Hell
  • I, Hope
  • Clustertruck
  • Titan Souls

Psychonauts and Gone Home will be brilliants additions to your library and you won’t regret a second you’ve spent on them, if you already haven’t.

Stay tuned!

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