Rainbow Six Siege’s season 2 & new map details here

Recently, Ubisoft went ahead and detailed the next season of Rainbow Six Siege. Year Three Season Two of the game will bring a breath of innovation and many more to the game.

Spawning a new intel gadget, a Clubhouse map buff, an Echo buff, lots of gameplay fixes, and the Pick & Ban settings are also promised by Ubisoft. Also, Ubisoft is now working on the adjusting how dropshotting is handled and implementing a new counter defuser animation.

Pick & Ban system will be there to keep the gameplay fresh since it provides an extra layer of strategy between teams, as each side tries to counter their opponents’ picks during the banning phase.

Operation Para Bellum will be the major update of Year Three Season Two. With Operation Para Bellum, two new Defenders are joining Team Rainbow in the most competitive map to date. But, we already know all that from the previous announcement. So what is new?

According to the announcement, Echo is getting another second Yokai drone and each drone’s max charge has been decreased from 3 to 2 while recharge time between shots increased to 20 seconds.

Along with that, while three Speed operators getting slower, one Speed operators is getting a little bit faster.

One of the foundations of the speed vs. armor system is the balancing act between the two. However, we have seen that speed was stronger than armor in almost all situations. To refine that balance, we will bring both ends of the spectrum closer to the middle. The intention of this change to the speeds is to make high armor Operators more viable.

When it comes to the new map of the game, the Villa, there is no surprise. It is a huge mansion in the Italian countryside and along with that, two Italian operators will be added to the game.

Ubisoft went ahead and shared a trailer for the upcoming Para Bellum map. Here, take a look:

On May 19-20th, a full reveal of Y3S2 will be watchable on the twitch page of Rainbow Six Siege during the Pro League Finals. For more detailed information, you can visit here.

Stay tuned!



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