Hunt: Showdown first major content update is now live on Steam and here are the details

Hunt: Showdown first major update testing period has ended and it is now available on Steam for original servers. CRYTEK developers have been working hard on this patch and they have been gathering the feedback. The receiving of the contents of this update are both positive and negative among the players. Some thing it will kill the game while others think the opposite and that it wil give it a unique flavor.

But what does this update introduce? I can summarize this patch under a couple of major titles: New weapons with scopes, items and balance changes; level design changes to make camping less attractive, improvements on new player experience, new rewards and many more. Here are the highlights of the patch:


  • 5 weapons with sniper scopes for long, medium and short-range
  • 2 tactical grenades (Flash Bomb, Poison Bomb)
  • 12 new Traits
  • 11 new Hunter outfits
  • Improved map readability and changes to level architecture in boss areas
  • Fall damage
  • Inventory slot refactoring
  • Rebalanced player footstep audio
  • Updated Bloodline screen


More information can be found on the Steam announcement page of Hunt: ShowdownThe announcement page also includes many technical information so I strongly suggest checking it out. Otherwise, you can just watch these videos to have a general idea:

The patch will surely change the meta of the game. So far, I liked the scopes to be honest. But some of the changes seem unnecessary or too much. But the best part is that the game is developed by CRYTEK, the developer team who listen to the feedback of their players really closely. However, the time will tell what will happen. Just don’t forget that this game is on Early Access meaning it will receive many other updates.

Stay tuned for more!

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