Hunt: Showdown will get more features with the next patch and the Roadmap is being updated

CRYTEK has recently published a post on the official Hunt: Showdown website to announce that there will be new features in the upcoming patch. The developer team decided to add these new features after getting tons of feedback from the players. Along with these new features and items, there are a couple of other changes in the Roadmap.

First of all, let’s begin with the bad news. The Nightmare mission mode is delayed. The reason behind this is unknown but it will be implemented in upcoming patches. In the first patch, we will be getting scopes and scope – long range based new weapons. Other than these new weapons, we will get a telescope, new grenades (flash grenade and poison grenade) and 12 new traits. All of these new items and features will change the course of each match, that’s for sure. And I admit that I’m pretty excited about all of them.

Along with the items, there will be also new indicators like breath indicator and a stance indicator. I personally believe that these small changes will be pretty important in many occasions. But  most importantly, after this patch, jumping will require a certain amount of stamina. So say goodbye to all jumping hunters.

The patch is expected to be released sometime in May. So we don’t need to wait for too long before we can get to know how these changes will effect the gameplay. For additional information about the upcoming patches, you can check out the Hunt: Showdown Roadmap.

Good hunting fellas and stay tuned for more!

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