Rumor: DICE is working on a battle royale game mode for Battlefield V

A recent report on VentureBeat has confirmed that DICE, the FPS genre master development team, was working on a battle royale project. This project is expected to be a mode installed in this year’s upcoming Battlefield V. It is not a surprise to see many developers decided to work on a battle royale project, to be honest. the genre is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Other than the battle royale project, the new Battlefield V is expected to take place during the World War II as the latest title was about World War I. Moreover, it was reported that the game would have a co-op randomly generated missions mode along with the scenario mode. And now, we can add this battle royale thingy to our list..

If you guys remember, we had covered some news about reports on The Division‘s Massive Studios was working on a battle royale title too. Along with PUBG, Fortnite and Radical Heights, this will be the fifth title we have heard of so far. And what will happen to all of them when there will be too many battle royale games around? We will see…

Stay tuned for more!

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