Ninja Theory donates $25.000 to Mental Health Charity after a successful Xbox One release

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has already sold more than 50.000 copies on Xbox One and as promised, the devs have donated $25.000 to the charity. Ninja Theory released their ambitious title almost a year ago. Even back then Ninja Theory had announced their intentions about Mental Health Charity. The game itself was built around a mental disorder and it did a fantastic job in reflecting the reality behind it. It was a huge success and believe me it was one of the best indie titles of 2017. Now, it becomes bigger and bigger.

As it is mentioned on the official twitter page of Ninja Theory, if they can reach to their next goal, which is selling 100.000 copies, they will donate $50.000 to the charity. To be honest, this is another reason to buy this masterpiece. If you want to have a general idea, you can go ahead and read our review. If you were thinking about buying the game but was not sure, this might be a good time to support both a successful indie team and the Mental Health America.

While you do that, I’ll start playing it again and finish it for the third time. I think I have a couple of days to sacrifice for this jewel.

Stay tuned for more!

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