Dauntless open beta starts in May and here are the details

Phoenix Labs has announced recently that their new title Dauntless would get into the open beta testing in May. This Monster Hunter: World like game will probably attract many when it will be released. The game was in closed beta for a while and as a person who had a chance to look at the it, I must say that I was pretty impressed. Visual art design and the main mechanics were pretty good for a game on beta. Moreover, it offered a somewhat unique experience with its animations and different creatures.

As it is mentioned, the game will be available for players who sign up for the open beta. In order to do so, you should head over to the dauntless website and sign up. You will receive a notification e-mail sooner or later. Just keep it in mind that more than 700.000 people have already signed up for it. Expect competition.

The game is basically a co-op action-RPG where you hunt huge monsters with other players. Each player has unique abilities, weapons, combos etc. You have to adapt yourself to the different boss fight stages as each one of them has different weaknesses and strength.

The open beta stars on May 24th. If you want to join the community before that date, you can always but the Dauntless Founder’s Pack and start playing. More information can be found on Dauntless website.

Stay tuned for more!

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