Rumor: Massive Entertainment of The Division is probably developing a battle royale game

Massive Entertainment, the studio behind The Division might be working on a battle royale game as reported by Game Reactor. According to the Swedish gaming website, an anonymous source has informed them that the studio, along with many other projects, was working on a title which will be labeled as a Battle Royale game.

This is a rumor, of course. It is not yet official. Each year, we see a new genre and with it, new games are or will be transformed into a clone of the first game of that genre. And, in a nutshell, many companies around the globe wants a piece of that cake. And this is something logical when you consider that they are companies and they have to make money somehow in order to… well, survive.

The only thing we know so far is that Ubisoft is very careful about commenting on these speculations:

“Update: A spokesperson from Ubisoft got back in touch with a short statement: “We don’t comment on rumours or speculation”.”

If this news is true, I believe that we will hear something official pretty soon.

Stay tuned!

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