Upcoming free Middle-earth: Shadow of War updates will remove microtransactions

According to the announcement made by Monolith, a number of free updates will be available for Middle-earth: Shadow of War in the coming weeks and months. With these updates, Monolith promises a better and more enjoyable gameplay experience since these changes and improvements are based on the community feedback.

All Gold and War Chests and the Market will be removed from the game and Monolith admits that it was a bad move since it “reduces the immersions in the world and takes away from the challenge of building your personal army and your fortress.

While purchasing Orcs in the Market is more immediate and provides additional player options, we have come to realize that providing this choice risked undermining the heart of our game, the Nemesis System. It allows you to miss out on the awesome player stories you would have otherwise created, and it compromises those same stories even if you don’t buy anything. Simply being aware that they are available for purchase reduces the immersion in the world and takes away from the challenge of building your personal army and your fortresses. In order to fully restore the core promise of the Nemesis System, we’ll be permanently removing Gold, War Chests and the Market from Shadow of War.

Gold and War Chests will be available until July 17. In the case of having Gold on July 17 in your inventory, they will be converted to Gold Loot Chests at a rate of 150 Gold to one Gold Loot Chest.

Shadow Wars part of the game also will be improved with new narrative elements and streamlined for a more cohesive experience. Along with that, Nemesis System, skill trees and many more will be improved with upcoming updates.

Stay tuned!

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