Metro Exodus will be the first game to use NVIDIA’s RTX and here is a tech-demo video

4A Games, the developer team behind the highly anticipated Metro: Exodus has recently announced on Twitter that their upcoming title will use NVIDIA’s RTX real-time raytracking technology. As we all know, NVIDIA is expected to release a new generation of graphics card which will be called the 2X generation. This new GPU generation will use the new Volta architecture which will also support the new RTX technology.

“Ray tracing simulates light, shadowing and other effects to near-perfection,” says NVIDIA, and gives us a quick summery of this technology. What it does in reality is much more impressive to be honest. But let’s check out 4A’s tweet first:

Short time after this announcement, 4A Games has released a tech demo video to showcase their work. The problem is that the video is not good enough to highlight the improvements. But if you need more information about this new technology, you can check out NVIDIA’s RTX website.

Metro Exodus will be released sometime in 2018. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date yet. However, we expect it to be announced soon.

So sit tight people and stay tuned for more!

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