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Rend is a new open-world survival game coming later this year

Rend is a new open-world survival game with colorful graphics and a unique world which will require teamwork and strategy to survive. The game features a faction system which requires you to chose one of the three main factions: Order, Conclave and Revenant. Players in a faction will try to survive in the unforgiving world of Rend and they will improve themselves in order to be the main force, eliminating other factions. The best part about this game, and probably the most unique one in survival genre, is that it requires a highly strategic approach instead of a crafting based mechanics.

You will be defending your base and your comrades against not only the monsters but also other factions. So basically this game offers both PvP and PvE elements all together. On top of that, the game also has RPG elements and “massive, culminating war experiences” which can be translated as huge faction combat.

Classic survival features like exploration, resource gathering and crafting will also be available in this game. With the talent and skill systems, you will also be able to form up your own character according to your community’s needs. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new technologies and get stronger against other factions and the army of Lost.

However, the main objective is like a race more than only surviving: each faction will try to gather the lost souls of Rend and deliver them to The Creator in order to ascend to The Creator’s realm. The progress of each faction will be marked by the World Tree showing the amount of souls stored in each Divinity Stone. The victorious faction will be declared after it is the only one left on the map and this faction will receive many rewards which can be carried over between each session. However, if you don’t like this idea, you can always play in private servers where you can alter every single rule according to your taste.

The eco-system of each faction is determined by its members. This means that every single player in a faction is obliged to contribute in whichever they want. One can chose to be hunter whilst others prefer being the warriors and defenders of the faction instead. Moreover, huge battles called The Reckoning will be held every week and each faction will try to defend their base against creatures of the realm. After every consecutive Reckoning, the creatures will get stronger and the challenge will be greater.

Another feature Rend will offer is the possibility of conquering and controlling neutral points on the map. After a point is captured, the faction in control of the area can build an outpost and gather resources. That means, however, during The Reckoning, the outposts will also be susceptible to the monster attacks and it will make it harder to defend all the bases at the same time. On the top of all these features, the developers also have a big future plan which includes new creatures, weapons, game systems, spells, skills, customization options, game modes and additional server options.

Briefly speaking, Rend offers a unique mixture of survival and MMORPG elements. It can remind us of games like Ark and, at the same time, others games like Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 which also offers huge battles. The game is expected to be available as Early Access on Steam later this year and a demo will be presented during PAX East 2018. More information can be found on the Steam page of the game. Also, keep it in mind that we will surely watch the development of this game closely as it will clearly offer a unique experience.

Stay tuned for more!

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