HTC Vive Pro releases on April 5th, here are the details

VIVE Pro is the most capable, and fully featured Virtual Reality system VIVE has ever made.

Previously, HTC Vive made an announcement and introduced HTC Vive Pro to VR lovers out there. The main reason behind creating Vive Pro is to meet the needs of today’s most demanding VR users.

With Optimized Face Cushion, Vive Pro offers a more comfortable experience and this way, the headset blocks even more light than before. The Latest SteamVR Tracking System will also be available in order to “expand your horizon“.  Vive Pro offers Precise Tracking, Expanded Tracked Space and Great Multi-player Experience.

Vive Pro will feature VIVE Wireless Adapter powered by Intel WiGig Wireless. This way you will be able to move freely as you like.

Hardcore gamers. Artists. Families. Teachers. Enterprises. With VIVE Pro, there’s something VR for anyone. VIVE Pro has the richest content library available on SteamVR and VIVEPORT.

Here are the Vive Pro Specs:

  • Unprecedented presence with Hi-Res and 3D spatial audio
  • Stay immersed comfortably with higher display resolution, easy-to-use headset & cable design, and improved ergonomics
  • Chaperone technology
  • Free to move around wirelessly with VIVE Wireless Adapter*
  • *VIVE Wireless Adapter sold separately.

Heaset Specs:

SCREEN:Dual AMOLED 3.5″ diagonal
RESOLUTION:1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600 pixels combined)
FIELD OF VIEW:110 degrees
AUDIO:Hi-Res certificate headset
Hi-Res certificate headphone (removable)
High impedance headphone support
INPUT:Integrated microphones
CONNECTIONS:USB-C 3.0, DP 1.2, Bluetooth
SENSORS:SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, IPD sensor
ERGONOMICS:Eye relief with lens distance adjustment
Adjustable IPD
Adjustable headphone
Adjustable headstrap

HTC Vive Pro will be available on April 5th for $799 and will support 2880×1600 resolution combined (1440 x 1600 resolution per eye). While Pro is hitting hard, HTC Vive will be still available on the market for $499.

For more detailed information, you can visit here. Stay tuned!

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