Jurassic World: Evolution release date leaked

Jurassic World Evolution is an upcoming theme park building game where we can build our own Jurassic World with blackjack and hookers. Just kidding! Or, am I?

Well, maybe Jurassic World Evolution will not let you build your theme park with blackjack and hookers, but it will definitely will let you build it with bioengineered new dinosaur breeds, research facilities and such.

While playing the game, we will be able to bioengineer new dinosaur breeds, and construct attractions, containment and research facilities. Every choice you make will lead you to a different path with different opportunities.

Manager of Screenrant and CBR Rob Keyes recently shared a screenshot during a Jurassic World: Evolution event at the Universal Backlot. For keen eyes, there is a release date.

According to the leaked photo, Jurassic Park: Evolution will be out on June 12th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Jurassic World Evolution touches the key characters and events of the movie franchise, yet tells a different story from the movies. Dr. Ian Malcolm, voiced by Jeff Goldblum, will act as the player’s guide during the game.

Thank you for the leak Mr. Rob Keyes!

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