Extinction now has a story trailer

Extinction is an upcoming fast-paced action game which smells like Attack on Titan. The game will launch on April 10, 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game comes from the developers of Killer Instinct and puts us in the role of Avil who is a Sentinel. Avil is trained to defend against the army of huge ogres and monsters which are named as Ravenii.

You are a Sentinel, a relic of a forgotten time and humanity’s last defense against the encroaching horde. Only the kingdom of Dolorum remains, and our final attempt at survival hangs by a slender thread.

Iron Galaxy recently shared the story trailer of Extinction which reminded me of Attack on Titan. Here, take a look:

Extinction will feature no microtransactions but will have destructible environment which you can go ahead and enjoy.

Stay tuned!

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