Goat Simulator devs working on a new project named Satisfactory

Before anything else, I think I must warn you that Coffee Stain Studios’ upcoming title is not like Goat Simulator. Not even close. I assume that all of you know about how crazy the Goat Simulator is and most of you still enjoy it. But, this time, developers decided to make a good game.

What is a good game? I think Goat Simulator is the perfect game, it is the mother of all of these weird simulators we have now. You can turn into a bread, a cat, a goat today. You can simulate anything. But, nothing licks like the goat licks.

Today, I am happy to announce that Goat Simulator developers next project is called Satisfactory and it already has a trailer. A trailer which includes the cutest creature I’ve ever seen. And, it licks. I think it is now Coffee Stain’s signature move.

Well, apart from the trailer, there is nothing to share about Satisfactory. But, we see that it is probably an alien environment with an alien creature which is trying to enjoy an alien flower until it is disturbed with a sudden construction. After some welding, something starts to move, probably a machine or a vehicle.

The logo, the trailer and the name of the upcoming game implies that this beautiful flora and fauna which we’ve seen in the trailer will taste the power of the machines. Also, Coffee Stain Studios is offering a chance to join the alpha testing of Satisfactory. If you want to take a look, visit here.

We will be back with more detailed news about Satisfactory. Until then, stay tuned!

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