Where the Water Tastes Like Wine now has a release date

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is an upcoming game about traveling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny. The game is inspired by titles like Kentucky Road Zero and Sunless Sea. The game features gorgeous illustration by Kellan Jett, combining 2D visuals with a 3D overworld US map. Players wander through the United States – and through a century of history – to meet a variety of people, each with their own stories to tell.

Here are the key features:

  • A variety of folk tales and personal stories to encounter, told by characters from all over America
  • Beautiful combination of 3D overworld and 2D illustration in its own unique style
  • Stories by a wide selection of excellent writers
  • An emerging fantastical, psychedelic, surreal, and creepy tinge as the game continues

Each of the main characters of the game is written by a different author and one of them is Sting as Wolf with his deep and charming voice like he has been smoking cigarettes for one hundred and half years.

Finally, we have a release date for Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. The game is due to Wednesday, February 28.

Previously, we’ve mentioned that Where the Water Tastes Like Wine will feature Sting. One of the main characters is Sting as Wolf with his deep voice. You can watch the trailer by visiting here.

Stay tuned!

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