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Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak gets a new teaser trailer

Ash’s Briefing it is called.

The new update for the multiplayer – competitive title Rainbow Six Siege is almost here. Outbreak will be released on March 6th and will be available until April 3rd for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Before these dates, Ubisoft has released a teaser trailer to explain the background story of the upcoming update.

The CG trailer offers us the very beginning of the update explaining the situation in New Mexico. It looks pretty similar to the other outbreak and infestation scenarios. Well, at least the basics. The outbreak turns people into zombie like beings and it is possible the infestation spreads over Mexico if not contained. That is where your operators come in. Here, enjoy the video fellas.

Along with the main story behind the Outbreak, Ubisoft also released the different enemy types.

  • Grunts
    • Grunts are common hostiles that become highly resistant when the parasite detects an enemy presence. To protect its host, the parasite armors its body and becomes more resistant to bullet wounds. Caution and stealth is recommended.
  • Breachers
    • Breachers are proximity bombs that crater anything in their path. They make for a very agile opponent, but they launch themselves into the fray and blow holes in indestructible walls. Make sure you are nowhere close to them.
  • Rooters
    • Rooters are a rarer type of hostile. They send out coral spikes from the ground to injure and immobilize their targets. Rooters are always on the move and will keep you on edge. Beware when dealing them the final blow; they become extremely lethal when on the brink of death.
  • Smashers
    • Smashers are not discreet. The parasite reinforces its body under a massively thick hide, making it practically impervious to bullet wounds. They will also tear down walls without suffering any injuries.
  • Apex
    • Apex is at the top of the hostile food chain. It sends waves of hostiles your way rather than attack you head-on. They can hurl blinding projectiles, which can only be countered by Finka and Doc. This opponent is a real test on your team’s communication skills.

Unfortunately, not every single operator will be available for this update. You will be able to play the game with Ash, Smoke, Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Doc , Tachanka and Glaz. The update will also introduce two new operators.

We still have some time before we can enjoy the new update. So, until that time, enjoy the video fellas.

Stay tuned!

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