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Vampyr developer’s diary has received the second episode introducing environments and music

Dontnod puts a big effort on this one for sure.

We had already covered the news about the new webseries like dev’s diary of Dontnod’s upcoming title, Vampyr. We have seen the first episode introducing the main idea of the game and we have recently received the second episode of the dev’s diary series. Here is the video fellas:

On this video, we take a closer look to the environment design and the musics of the game. Just like the first episode, we can see that the game will focus mainly on the internal conflict of a vampire who also happens to be a doctor. The music reflects the dark taste of the game in a really good way. And with the environment which looks as dark as it sounds, this will hopefully be a masterpiece.

Well, if you ask me, both the music and the visuals look pretty promising and I can say that I’m getting more and more excited about this game. Also, I am happy to hear French words… Just because of personal reasons. Ehm… Anyways…

The game is expected to be out sometime in Spring 2018. And it will come out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

So, enjoy the video fellas. And stay hyped, stay tuned!

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