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This new Fallout 4 settlement mod adds a skyscraper to the game

You can now build a huge building.

We know that the settlement building mechanic in Fallout 4 was one of the most time consuming one in the game. People went crazy about it and built many impressive structures with many different possibilities. Thanks to the modder, VaultTecSalesmanExecutive, it is now possible to build a skyscraper with many functional rooms in it which will make you feel like having an actual tower.

The mod is called Elysium Tower – Skyscraper Blueprint For Starlight Drive-In. The mod will add a huge tower with many features like “5 stories fully autonomous food factory, trade center and farming area, residential floors, scientific department and the player’s home.” The only catch is that you can only build the tower in Starlight Drive-In. It has over 20 floors, synth production department, a swimming pool and a gym. You can also customize many rooms in it to make it look like more personal.

The mod can be downloaded from the Nexus mod page. However, I recommend reading the install instructions carefully as it is not that simple to install it and it requires a little bit of work.

So, enjoy your new tower fellas and stay tuned for more!

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