For Honor Season Five is announced and it comes with huge gameplay changes

The fifth season of For Honor is coming soon and it is called Age of Wolves announced. The update will go live on February 15th and Ubisoft has the changes which were planned for the future of the game.

The most important part about these changes is probably the dedicated server thinghy. Ubisoft plans to make the gaming experience better and better every day. In the past, the game suffered from massive lag problems and unbalanced matchmaking system. Now, hopefully at least, it will be over and the game will run smoother. Well, that’s what Ubisoft says.

“With Season Five, we are focusing on the long-term vision in order to put the best in the game place going forward. This why we are investing into massive changes to game including a full infrastructure change to dedicated servers. We have an extensive team working on the game, and we want to continue supporting the game throughout 2018 and beyond.”

If we should summarize the changes, we can say that Kensei, Conqueror, Nocushi, Berserker and Highlander classes will get massive changes. Along with these, there will be new customization options after the new Season arrives.

More information can be found on the website of which the link was provided above. I strongly recommend reading the announcement carefully if you want to have a better idea about the game.

Stay tuned for more!

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