Anthem has been delayed to early 2019

BioWare’s upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing game Anthem has been delayed, according to Kotaku.

According to the source, BioWare has transformed into a single-game studio as it harnesses its teams to work on the ambitious multiplayer action game Anthem. From this point of view, the future of BioWare is tied to Anthem.

The game is now scheduled for release in early 2019, according to secret sources who are working on the project. At E3 2017, the game was announced for fall 2018. Now EA says that the first release date was never realistic. Well, better late than never, I say.

Anthem is set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective in which players take the role of a Freelancer donning fully customizable exosuits called Javelins. The game features both single-player and co-operative multiplayer elements in a “shared-world” that can have up to four squad members per team.

We will be back with more detailed news and hopefully an exact release date.

Stay tuned!

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