Memories of Mars is an open-world survival MMO and will come in Early Access soon

Many of you guys probably know that the Survival MMOs are getting increasingly popular nowadays. And today, we will present you an another game from this genre. Many games tried many different plots from Conan: Exiles to Don’t Starve Together with different stories and mechanics. It is possible to find many different games of this genre. However, this also means that it is getting harder and harder every day to find a unique style. Memories of Mars can be one of these games which will probably present a unique taste in hte big, red planet of Mars.

The main aspect of the game is to colonize the red planet and try to survive on it. You play as a clone who woke up on the planet and try to find its way to be able to survive. You will start with building a base where you will satisfy your needs like hunger. In addition to that, you will have to stay alive among the hostile NPCs.

The game will be available for Early Access in Spring and it will not cover the whole area, items and enemies in the beginning. More information can be found on the Steam page of the game.

Stay tuned fellas!

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