DONTNOD’s Vampyr is getting a development webseries and here is the teaser trailer

A huge story driven RPG game, Vampyr‘s development will be presented as a webseries. The studio will try to explain the deep features and the main story points of the game in these videos. The game’s story is the dilemma of the main character who is both a doctor and a vampire. And this video series idea is probably the best way to showcase a game to its audience.

In order to exemplify the series, the studio has released a teaser trailer. You guys can go ahead and see what will probably happen in the future and the past of this game:

The video itself might not be enough to have a general idea about this project. But in any case, it sounds intriguing and interesting. There will be four different episodes each of which will be 5 minutes of videos. On this video, you can see the first episode, which is called Making Monsters.

If we come back to the actual game, I would like to remind you guys that it was already delayed. But as we can see on the official website, the game is supposed to be ready in Spring 2018 for Xbox One, PS 4 and PC.

As a huge fan of RPG games with deep stories, I should say that I’m very excited about this game. And hopefully, we will see a good game in the end.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more fellas!

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