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You Only Live Once mod adds permadeath to Fallout 4

Well, if you are a restless gamer and not a rage-quitter, this mod might brighten your day. Thanks to modder JJ2197, we can now have permadeath mechanics on Fallout 4.

According to the mod notes; all healing, curing addictions, rad removal and limb healing are removed from all of the items. Stimpacks, of course, still works on you and your companions.

Items other than your clothing will no longer boost endurance, limb health will be reduced after sleep and you will not gain temp endurance, heal or remove rads along with your perks.

Instead of Health Counter, we will now have Damage Counter which constantly checks to see what your current health is against your max health. This is what is applied on leveling and sleeping, basically setting it back to your true health. If the total health minus current health is ever
greater than the damage counter, it will update with that new amount. However if it’s smaller, meaning you have gained health.

If you want to have some hard time while playing Fallout 4, you can go ahead and download the mod by visiting here.

Stay tuned and dead!

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