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Amazon Prime members can have Call Of Duty: WW2 freebies now

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can go ahead and have Call of Duty: WWII for freebies for free, obviously. Amazon Prime members get to receive a pair of supply drops which includes some rare items.

Call of Duty free supply drop will continue until January 23 for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you are one, you will get a Rare supply drop which includes a trio of items and one of them will be Rare, according to the announcement.

Also, Amazon Prime subscribers will receive an Epic supply drop which works the same. One of the three items inside the supply drop will be a guaranteed Epic item. If you want to take advantage of the freebies, you can go ahead and claim them by visiting here.

Every month, Activision provides a new Call of Duty: WWII free item for Amazon Prime members. If you want to become a subscribers now, you will get an exclusive Zombies Bomb Voyage weapon camo pack as a bonus item.

Stay tuned!

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