Little Devil Inside – An upcoming survival RPG

Little Devil inside is an upcoming RPG which requires us to explore, discover, adapt, fight and survive. The world of Little Devil Inside is filled with atmospheric contrasts embark on hostile missions and journeys that challenge your survival instincts and the choices you make.

According to an interview with Inven Global, the team mentioned that the story of the game will last about 20 hours and with side content, gameplay will take about 80 hours. We will explore the world of Little Devil Inside and study the monsters who are living on it. There will be a safe zone and we will go back to this place very often in order to report our findings. The exciting thing is that the world of the game is almost the same size as Borderlands’ world.

When you die during your gameplay, your character will be gone forever. Yet, you can always go where you die with your new character and loot your previous corpse like we did in Don’t Starve. Also, like we did in Sims, we will have to take care of our character’s basic needs. There is also a co-op option.

There is a new gameplay footage for the game you can view below:

Little Devil Inside is under development for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. There will be more detailed information in 2018 about Little Devil Inside and we will be here when the time comes. Until then, stay tuned!


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