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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC locks content that was previously accessible

You need to buy the DLC to be able to participate in the vanilla content.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC is out now. It added new strikes, a new zone, new story and a new raid which will be available soon. Along with a couple of new features there has been a couple of other changes. For instance, as you can see on the Reddit post, As one of the most anticipated and well received multiplayer shooter game out there, Destiny 2 vanilla version no longer provides some original features.

But what are those differences? First of all, players will no longer be able to participate in prestige Raids, Nightfall and Trials. After the DLC release, they literally forced players to buy it in order to get the full content. Oh, also you can no longer get the vanilla achievements/Platinium trophy (PS4) because they are locked behind these features which have been taken away from you.

No, I am not yelling!

Ok, I will stop here for a moment. I have plenty of words that I can use in these kinds of situations, but I’d prefer not to do so. Here is a summary for you fellas. Imagine buying something that you had been waiting for a long time. And imagine that the seller praised this ‘something’ a lot even before showing it to you. You get ‘the thing’ eventually with ‘extras’, and you pay for those ‘extras’ too. The worst part is, the seller tells you that they were not ‘the extras’ in the first place. So, you get your ‘thing’ and even before you have the chance to see if you are satisfy with it, the seller comes, gives you a worse version of it with a couple of shiny things, and takes all these ‘extras’ back, which were basically what made your thing interesting.

This step will surely get really bad reactions on the internet. The lootbox scandal of EA hasn’t been forgotton yet, and we hear something like this from another company. I don’t know you guys. But I don’t like it when players are treated like babies with a candy in their hands.

I will try to keep my objectivity alive as much as I can. Which probably ended a couple of sentences before. But in any case, I do hope that the community will respond in a good way, and the company responsible for that will take a step back. Because this doesn’t make any sense if you ask me, a gamer who would like to be treated as a human being, not as a huge sack of money.

Stay tuned for more.

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