Darkest Dungeon Boss Rush Quest will probably be the hardest one so far

Darkest Dungeon, one of the most challenging games is getting a new quest mode. And this new type will be even more challenging than before as you will have to fight many bosses in a row.

As we have seen so far, player-made modes have been pretty successful in many games. And in Darkest Dungen, we can see pretty much the same outcome. However, lately, one of the modes out there has attracted many gamers just because of its nature of being hellishly difficult.

The “Boss Rush” brings up an unique quest, called “The Galaxian Convergence”. This
quest features all the bosses in the game, with the Crimson Court DLC
included, in a huge-sized epic raid.

shishiwashi’s Boss Rush mode introduces a new quest which is completed when you kill a series of bosses in a dungeon. If you think killing a boss at the end of a dungeon was a challenge, I dare you to try this one out. If you would like to try the mode, you can go ahead and check out the Nexus page for more information and setup instructions. And if you decide to give it a try, I strongly recommend listening to whatever the modder has to say. Be warned though, if you haven’t seen all the bosses in the game, try not to look at the big list of bosses available for this mode.

So, good luck in your journey of madness.

And stay tuned for more news!

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