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Ode is a new musical and experimental game by Ubisoft and is available on UPLAY

You will have to spread joy, and that’s it.

The French gaming company Ubisoft has announced a new title today. Ode, a musical, experimental and equally interesting game is now available on UPLAY. With many beautiful visuals and sound effects, this game is surely a mystery for us gamers who are used to play gory and ‘serious’ games. This game is unique, and you will see why.

The main idea of the game is to provide an environment with many musical possibilities. You play as Joy, a little ball like, cute thingy. AS you progress in the game, you explore new possible notes and create a composition in each level. This musical composition will be unique as you play and change your play style. The main idea behind this game is to create a shooting, relaxing experience. And personally, I am pleased to see this kind of a game.

The game is available on UPLAY for PC. The only thing you have to do is to get a UPLAY account and download the game. I strongly recommend watching the video as it is pretty cute and interesting.

Enjoy your relaxing game fellas and stay tuned for more.

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Written by Umut Uyurkulak

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