Horizon Zero Dawn 1.45 Patch is live and here are the patch notes

One of the best games of PS4 this year, Horizon Zero Dawn has received a huge patch. In a Reddit entry, developers released the list of the patch notes. And we would like to share it with you. Be warned though, the list is really big. So, I am pretty sure that it will make many people pretty happy.

For those who would like to have a short summary here is the small version of the patch notes:

• Fixed an issue where players could not create a New Game+ loadout from the pause menu.
• Fixed an issue where Bluegleam resources would carry over to New Game+.
• Fixed an issue where the Insulated Outfit Weave could not be obtained.
• Fixed an issue where the campfires in The Frozen Wilds would not stay lit after reloading.
• Added a ‘Dismount Strike’ counter to the progression page and fixed an issue where it would not allow the user to get 100% completion.
• Fixed an issue where The Frozen Wilds hints would appear to users that did not own the DLC.
• Fixed an issue where two datapoints from The Frozen Wilds could become unobtainable.
• Fixed several issues with icons not showing up for collectables, and icons displaying the wrong locations for enemies or quest points of interests for “The Frozen Wilds”.
• Fixed an issue where the ‘First Bluegleam Trade’ trophy would not unlock when buying certain items.
• Fixed several geometry issues in the world where Aloy could get stuck in The Frozen Wilds.
• Fixed several issues where the user could skip areas of the world and cause progression issues.
• Fixed an issue where the Icerail tutorial would not progress when using the Adept version of the weapon.
• Fixed several graphics issues in The Frozen Wilds.
• Fixed several dialog and subtitle issues in The Frozen Wilds. • Several animations and cutscenes improvements in The Frozen Wilds.
• Several balancing tweaks to outfits and weapons.
• Several balancing tweaks to encounters in The Frozen Wilds.
• Several fixes to the buddies and enemy A.I. in The Frozen Wilds.
• Several progression and crash fixes.
• Performance improvements.
• General improvements.

The details can be found in the rest of the entry. I would like to keep this page as simple as it can be so I recommend you to check out the full list from here if you want to see the details. Sorry for not copy-pasting everything fellas.

Stay tuned for more news!

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