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The Gardens Between – A surreal adventure through moments in time

“The Simplest Deep Game Possible”

The Gardens Between is a surreal puzzle adventure by The Voxel Agents. The game tells the story of two best friends, Arina and Frendt while they are exploring the mysterious world of beautiful garden islands.

Each garden has secrets and hints which will unravel the story of the game. We will be able to traverse back and forwards in time in order to find these secrets and hints. The Gardens Between is a story about friendship, childhood and growing up.

Here are the key features of the game:

  • A dreamy tale of adventure and exploration
  • Backwards and forwards traversal of time makes cause and effect malleable
  • Vibrant, storybook-like art style
  • Hand-crafted puzzle design in a beautiful 3D world
  • Free from language, designed for accessibility
  • Meditative, ambient soundtrack by feature-artist Tim Shiel

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? The Gardens between is aiming a Q3, 2018 launch on PC and PlayStation 4. We will be back with more information about the game when the time comes. Stay tuned!

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