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City of Brass receives a big update with many new features

Whip’em all!

City of Brass, a FPS game with whips, guns and Egyptian style levels entered the Early-access last month. Since then, people who had the chance enjoyed the game from the very beginning. Now City of BrassĀ the game receives a huge update called ‘Enter the CatacombsĀ Update 0.2.”

Basically, the update adds new traps, enemies and relics along with a new level “The Catacombs”…well, the name is ‘enter the Catacombs’ so… that’s not a surprise right? The game also receives new relics called The Charm of Fortune, Coin of Soldiering, Gauntlet of Thrusting, Tongue of Silver and Pads of Silence. As you can expect, the update will also change the UI, difficulty and tutorial settings. Also, you can find a new trap called “Maw of Howling.

Along with all these new features, the update will fix a couple of bugs. A list can be found here. Also, if you are interested in this game, you can check out the early-access trailer below. Oh, and a reminder: the game is only available on Steam for now. But it will launch on PS4 and Xbox OneĀ in 2018. Stay tuned for more fellas.

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