Civilization III Complete is now free on Humble Bundle for a limited time

One of the best strategy games out there is now free on Humble Bundle! Well, actually we have two news for you. One another thing you should know is that the Fall 2017 update for Civilization 6 is now available and it adds the Khmer and Indonesia to the game along with a Scenario Pack. The new factions and the scenario pack is $9 on Steam, however, the update it free for everybody who already has the game.

As for the free game, the only thing you should do is to check out Humble Bundle. Just click on the green button and claim your free game. You’ll receive an e-mail with your Steam key. Or you can just preview your e-mail on Humble Bundle website after you check out. But hurry as the game is free until 10 am PT, October 21. Also, you can also look at our article about the new Humble ‘Down Under’ Bundle.

So, enjoy your free game and stay tuned for more!

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