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Star Wars: Battlefront season pass becomes free on Origin for a while

Yes, we have some good news for fans who would like to try the first Battlefront. Before the second title of the franchise is released, EA decided to give away the first game’s season pass for free on Origin. Even though it has been a couple of years since it was released, the first game probably is still played by many people. Especially if you think that the second game will not be available until November 14th.

However, in order to make use of the season pass, you will first have to get the game (big surprise!). So, the first thing you should do – provided you do not have the game – is to buy the game then get the season pass. But what does this pass do? It basically gives you access to all four expansions released for Battlefront. These four expansions – Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star and Rogue One: Scarif – add 4 new game modes, 16 maps, 8 playable characters and other stuff like a cool and unique “Shoot First” emote.

So, if you have the game, go ahead and claim your season pass. And if you don’t have the game but want to keep it in case you’ll buy it in the future, you can do so. But EA warns you that you won’t be able to use it or even see it on your library until you buy the original game. It might be a good idea to keep it prepared though. You never know when you want to play the first Battlefront right? The decision is yours to make of course.

For those who already have the original game, I wish good luck and tons of fun. And for the others, I recommend getting the game which is 80% off on Origin Store. Or, if you subscribe to Origin Access, you can get the game for free. However, we do not know exactly when they will take them out of the On the House list.

So check out the Origin store and decide for yourselves. And stay tuned for more news.


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Written by Umut Uyurkulak

Full-time FRP/RPG freak, part-time wannabe musician and a dedicated member of “Nameless MMORPG Addicts Association”

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