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Battlefield 1942 gets a huge visual overhaul in 4k

A huge texture overhaul for a classic FPS game is on its way and it looks pretty promising. Not everybody remembers Battlefield 1942 and what it represent during the time after it was released on 2002. As a classic old game, it was played by many and it was considered to be one of the best FPS games out there. And recently a couple of modders started working on its visuals to make it more appealing for today’s gaming society.

The mod is called High-Definition Remastered and will be available soon on its mod page. It improves the textures and also adds new shaders to the game, as the modders declared on that page. Along with these improvements, the mod also changes the water reflections, shadows, particles etc. The visuals will become pretty impressive to be honest and to be able to prove it, I present you this video:

This might be a good time to start playing Battlefield 1942 again. For older gamers and for new rookies, this will present an interesting experience, that’s for sure. For those who want more information, here are the main features of this mod:

New textures, up to 4096×4096 resolution.
New particle effects (dust, smoke, explosion, etc)
New water effects
New higher resolution reflections on some objects.
Higher quality LOD
New skybox (upscaled for now + minor tweaks)

New, more detailed shadows on most objects.
Advanced shaders thanks to ReShade.

However, the mod is not complete yet. If you own the game and would like check out the mod, you will have to wait until 5th of November for the first part. And it will be released completely earlier months of 2018.

Stay tuned and enjoy the nostalgia fellas.

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