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Fallout: New Vegas Project Brazil mod will come out as New California

It has been several years that a huge mod project for Fallout: New Vegas is on development. Since 2013, modders have been trying to finish it. And now, Project Brazil, a ‘standalone’ mod which will introduce a massive world with tons of quests and new features will launch at the end of the year. After a long time of development, the project is almost finished. However, we still have some time before we can enjoy this impressive mod.

Before we start, for more information, I’d suggest checking out our article which we wrote on June in which you can find four different alpha gameplay videos of the mod.

As for the mod itself, since June many things have changed of course. First of all, ‘Project Brazil‘ is now called ‘New California‘. The game will offer many new features like 5000 lines of professionally designed dialogues, voice acted characters, a new vault etc. They have been working hard and try to make it as professional as possible. Here is a proof:

This is going to be more than a mere mod that’s for sure. The main story will take place in 2260 in California. I mean, New California. I willlet the modder explain just like he did on the Nexus webpage:

“New California is a superior name for this mod.

It’s opening shot is of California, the intro is all about California, we say California several times in the narration, it’s set in California, within New California Republic territory, about the struggles of New California against California factions that impact the New California Republic in New Vegas.”

Well, yes. Now you know why. The mod is still on progress and they have been trying to finish it. But modders expect it to be ready until the end of this year. They still have work to do of course. But the second part of the mod will be the last one to conclude the entire work. I must admit that I can’t wait to play this mod.

So, sit tight and wait until the end of the year. And stay tuned for more news fellas.


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