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Dauntless a Monster Hunter type of game is on beta testing now

A multiplayer cooperative action-RPG game Dauntless is now on beta testing period. The game will feature many mechanics focusing on team play and coordination. Players will team up and hunt monsters together in an RPG world. The game looks pretty good. The visuals have a unique design style and the animations seem pretty fluid. If they can get enough support, it seems that this game will satisfy many co-op antion-RPG lovers.

The game will be available months later maybe. But the developers want to test it before hand to be able to improve it based on the community feedback. Unfortunately, this will not be an open beta testing. To be able to participate in the development period of the game, you should buy it.

For the purchase options, you can go ahead and check the official website. The pricing scale is between $40 to $80. The first pack offers 90 days of Champion Status which increases the Behemots drops, cosmetic items and a starter pack which includes consumables. the more you pay, the easier will be the beginning of the game. Each pack, however, contains 90 days of Champion Status and all the features of the cheapest pack. I’d suggest checking out the website for more information. Also, here is a trailer:

The release date of the game is still unknown. But Phoenix labs indicated that they expect it to be ready at the end of 2017. Until then, enjoy the video.

Stay tuned.

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