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Kingdom Come: Deliverance new screenshots were shown during Gamescom

The highly anticipated open-world medieval action RPG and ‘from who knows what other genre’ game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming soon. Along with many other huge titles, Kingdom Come attracted many people around the world thanks to what it offers. In a non-linear, interactive and living world, the game features many PRG elements.

The game will be available on February 13th, at least we hope that. And when we look at the screenshots, we are pretty sure that his game will look really good. We only hope that other mechanics will be as good as they sound. Supported with the Crytek’s CRYENGINE, it will be visual feast that’s for sure. As for the story, questing, combat and other RPG elements, we will wait and see what will be revealed in the future.

Oh by the way, Kingdom Come: Deliverance won the Best PC Game award in Gamescom 2017. So we are waiting to confirm that, hehe.

Until the time we have more news, enjoy the screenshots and stay tuned!

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