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Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets another teaser trailer

The time will pass slowly until the day we will be able to play this jewel. The rich story driven open world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be here on February 13th, 2018. The developers, Warhorse Studios, has recently decided to keep the hype up for their new title. In order to do so, they have released another trailer.

The game will be a huge hit when it will be available next year. Even now people talk about its beautiful visuals. The reason why this game looks so beautiful is because it uses Crytek’s CRYENGINE. Which already impressed us by now. How it works and how amazing it can be is not a question. Thus, we expect big things from this game to be honest.

The game will have many features and you can check them on their official website. When we have more information, however, we will gladly share them with you guys. But before we do, you can enjoy the new teaser trailer called Born From Ashes:

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