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A new Skyrim Special Edition mod lets you duel with NPCs

Have you ever felt that Skyrim didn’t provide enough freedom for its players? You just wanted to punch a couple of NPCs in the face just because…why not? But those guards walking around, talking, teasing you and preventing you from causing any trouble… This is not the freedom I know! This is not our ancestors fought for! Tis’ but an illusion! It is time to act brothers and sisters! It’s time to get our freedom of…errm…doing whatever we want! (Hurray!) So get your pitchforks (or daedric swords, doesn’t really matter) and get ready to beat a couple of NPCs up! For we deserve it in Skyrim, no matter how ridiculous it sounds!


A modder who felt the same way and who wanted to support our cause has released a mod which lets you challenge NPCs to a duel. The only thing you should do is to use your new shout skill, Challenge, to…ehm…challenge NPCs to a duel. And you can chose between using your weapons or your fists. As long as you keep your sword sheathed, your opponent will do the same. Otherwise, you can “accidentally” kill him/her. Or get killed… Also you can do it on purpose too, as long as they are not some main NPCs which are protected by Bethesda gods.

The mod is called Draw – A Dueling Mod and it can be downloaded from Nexus website. Go ahead and check it out as you will be able to beat up or even kill NPCs in front of guards.

So enjoy the mod and stay tuned for more fellas!

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