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Deadpool Is Coming to Marvel VR Game

Can we say no to anything about Deadpool. No, we can’t even dare to think about it. Deadpool game? YES. Deadpool movie? Bring it on! Deadpool VR? What took you so long?!

Playing Deadpool is one thing, a hella fun thing, yes. But, being Deadpool is totally another thing. Playing Deadpool in first person is the closest thing to being Deadpool and finally, Marvel announced that Deadpool will be included in Marvel Powers United VR.

In order to celebrate the good news, Marvel shared a trailer for the game, showing off Deadpool doing his things. You know, the usual stuff. Spreading his legs, shooting some stuff, talking shit and being a badass. One of the best things about it that you can see text bubbles like POW!, BLOCKED and HEADSHOT.

It looks splendid, nothing more to say. Deadpool surely will make this game purchasable. Take a look:

Marvel Powers United VR will be available in 2018 for Oculus Rift.

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