One of the best free to play hack’n slash games, Path of Exile will get an expansion soon. It is called The Fall of Oriath and it will bring many new features and a huge map to the game.

The devs of The Grinding Gear Games, have recently released a video announcing the release date of the actual expansion pack. The video also include the new features it will bring. Apparently, the game will have 10 acts in total after the expansion. These “6 new acts” will let players to experience new enemies, new boss fights and the rest of the story. Also, the expansion will introduce a new Pantheon skill system. And of course, players will encounter with many new items and NPCs.

If you are interested, you can go ahead and check out the website for more information about the expansion. And f you’re ok with getting the beta version before the release date, you can buy the supporter pack and immediately log in and play the game. But if you want to wait, the expansion will be available on August 4th 2017.

So enjoy and stay tuned for more fellas!


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