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City of Brass is a Game Made By Ex-Devs of BioShock

Excited already? You should be fellas. Because the ex-devs of BioShock and BioShock 2 have released a gameplay and a teaser trailer for their new game. The new title of Uppercut Games, City of Brass is an action based, first-person adventure game which takes place in an Arabic city. The game is inspired by the old titles of the team and to be honest I have big expectations from that team…

Arabic Big Daddies, maybe?

Basically, you will fight your way through waves of mummy-ghoul like enemies. Doing so will provide you points that you can exchange for improvements and upgrades from friendly genies. The biggest thing to lay emphasis on is the fact that you will use a scimitar and a whip to fight your enemies. So, you can use your whip to manipulate, and scimitar to finish them off. Maps will be fully interactive as we can see. You can use your surroundings to get the advantage over the waves of ghouls. Here are some screenshot examples:

So far, what we know is that the videos and screenshots show us a promising and exciting game. Being a huge fan of the BioShock franchise, I can say that the game will be a huge success. At least that’s what I expect. The team itself is promising at this stage. Here are the videos in which you can find more information and take a look at the visuals:

The game will be released in fall of 2017 for PC. It is said that the game will be available for PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Even though we do not know many things about the game itself, we think that we will not have to wait too long until we hear more from it.

So, until then, stay tuned and enjoy the video fellas!


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