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Past Cure Trailer Reveals a Game Between Reality and Madness

A newly established independent development studio, Phantom8, has recently revealed a trailer for their first title Past Cure. The studio was established last year on January and since that moment they have been working on their project. And from what we can see on their website, they are both pretty excited and devoted. And their new title looks like it will reflect this characteristics of its developers.

Reality is overrated

The game is a product of a group of developers who were influenced by the “Inception”. And it will be a third person stealth/action game with many other features. We will be controlling a guy who was a subject of some secret human experiments which left him with a couple of mind manipulation and telekinetic skills as well as an insanity state which is caused by these same experiments. As an Elite-soldier, Ian pursues the people who are responsible for the changes they had made on him and have his revenge.

As we can experience in-game, all these super-human skills have a cost. They alter the reality of our main character and manipulate his mind. What we understand from the trailer is the fact that we will be shifting between reality and the insanity of our character as we progress in the game. But see for yourselves fellas and decide:

We don’t know the official release date yet. But what we can say is that with the Unreal 4 engine, this game will look really nice. And the idea behind it sounds pretty interesting. And the developers are pretty clear about the fact that they want to make this game available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Also, as an independent group of developers, we can say that it’s a big deal both for them and the gaming community. We wish them good luck!

So until we hear from Past Cure stay tuned and get ready for more news!

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