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Walden: A Peaceful Survival Game for Nature Lovers

Are you sick of survival games with dark and terrifying atmosphere? Or you don’t want to smash zombie heads anymore? Or maybe you built the same trap over and over again and you want to try something else? But at the same time you don’t want to give up the survival games cause you love them? Then you are in the perfect place fellas! Today we will be looking at an unconventional survival game where you don’t focus on violence: Walden.

A survival game that we need

The game is a first person survival game which puts you in shoes of a 19th century philosopher Henry David Thoreau. But who is this guy? He is a well known American writer who wanted to get away from the society to find his roots in. He wanted to question many things that we endure in the society. And the devs wanted to make people experience the nature and the peaceful side of minimalistic way of living. He built a cabin next to the Walden Pond to be able get the inspiration he needed. You will do the same. Sometimes you will have to find food and fuel and sometimes you will enjoy the natural beauties around you.

“It is not our hope that the game would ever replace reading the book of Walden, or taking a lovely walk out doors, or getting closer to nature in any way. We hope the game is actually a path for more people to find their way back to Thoreau, and to nature, and to be inspired to think more deliberately about the choices they make about life and how to live it simply and wisely.” say the devs. And I think it’s the best way to explain the basic idea of Thoreau’s work and the purpose of the game.

Nature is not an enemy…sometimes.

The idea of experiencing a survival game focusing on all the natural human needs in the pure, beautiful nature is a really interesting idea. Especially if you consider the survival games nowadays focus mainly on “surviving against an enemy”. Satisfying your basic needs and building your own cabin next to a lake sounds pretty good to be honest. Also, you will be playing as a philosopher who will need to read and write. How good is that? So, I can say that I’m looking forward to try this game soon.

The game is on early access right now. So if you want to try it, you can go ahead and buy it from the official webpage where you can find more technical and philosophical background of the game. Don’t forget that it is on alpha period right now. And there will be a lot of changes for sure. But in any case. It sounds like a peaceful game which can let us relax a little bit.

The devs aim to release the game in July 2017 to celebrate the birth of the philosopher. We will keep an eye on this game fellas. So if you are interested in it, stay tuned for more!

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