Not so long ago, we informed you guys about the new free-to-play project of Bohemia Interactive: Argo. Now, the time has come and Argo is available for everyone on Steam. You can downlad and try it now for free.

Argo is, basically, a Arma 3 alike game where you play as mercenaries in 5v5 competitive mode or 10 vs AI co-op mode. Other than the features we’ve already mentioned before, Bohemia Interative decided to give players the freedom of creating their own scenarios. You can see the details on this video:

As you can see in the video, the competitive aspect of the game is pretty solid. And the skill tree system seems to be an interesting part of the game. That means we will have the opportunity to customise our characters as we want.

For more information about the game and the basics of it, you can check our Argo related page.

For other news, stay tuned fellas and enjoy the game!


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