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Tartarus Steam Page Is Now Live

Tartarus is a first-person action adventure game by Abyss Gameworks. The game shines amongst other upcoming titles with its most significant feature: text-based gameplay.

Text-based games were popular around ’80s and now it is clear that we should’ve never gave up on it. Recently, I had the pleasure of playing a text-based game and all I was thinking was ‘Why did we abandon such pleasure?’

Most of the text-based games require less processing power than games with graphics, but times have changed since then. Even though Tartarus is text-based and providing a retro look, the game features action elements and obviously appeals to the eye, thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

Like being text-based is not enough, Tartarus catches our hearts with being set in a dark sci-fi universe. In 2230, Mining and Research vessel Tartarus (MRS TARTARUS 220478) activates the security protocol near Neptune with no warning. The ship which you are in is about to crash Neptune.

As Cooper, our mission is to hack the ship via using highly realistic Terminals. But, you need to know that you are nothing more than a mere miner with no education and no history in engineering. These Terminals require some commands in order to work which means we need to search the ship in order to find what we need and after, hack these Termianls with using text input.

Isn’t Unreal Engine 4 getting a little bit too real?

Recently, Tartarus has been Greenlit by the Steam community and now the game’s Steam page is live. You know what we do when one of our most anticipated games go live on Steam, we add it to our precious wishlist.

To celebrate the great news, Abyss Gameworks shared a new tense trailer for Tartarus. From my point of view, playing Tartarus is not optional. It is a mixture of everything we enjoy and comes up once in a blue moon.

Tartarus is aiming a summer launch. Go ahead, take a look at Tartarus by clicking the Steam box below and like always, stay tuned for more!

[appbox steam 608530]

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